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How to maintain wood flooring

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Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Wood Flooring

How to maintain wood flooring?

   The main threats to hardwood floors are dirt, sand, and grit.
   These abrasive materials act like sandpaper on your floor's finish, which results in dents and scratches, as well as a general dulling over time.

   So, how do you protect your hardwoods? Here's a care and cleaning list that can help you keep those floors looking shiny and new, like they've just been installed:

• Use floor mats or area rugs by your home's entrances. These will help trap dirt and prevent damage.
• Wipe away spills promptly.

• It's okay to vacuum hardwood floors, but make sure you use a vacuum with a brush attachment instead of a beater bar.
• In addition to vacuuming and sweeping, you may want to damp mop your floor, but be sure to use a neutral pH floor cleaner. (As long as your floor is properly sealed, this won't damage the wood.)

• Don't stress too much over dents and dings that will occur naturally over time (especially if you have pets or children!); consider it a part of the natural aging process of wood, which helps to build character.

• However, if the floors become too scratched up for your tastes, you can always have them sanded and refinished.
• By following these simple rules, you and your hardwood floors should have many happy years together. Unlike laminates and vinyl floors, a well-maintained hardwood floor can last a lifetime

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