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International quality, excellent products -- Kangda will create new products

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Kangda Wood Flooring --- create the new Odlum brand

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Kangda Wood was born in the last century, the early 1980s, after more than 20 years of pursuit and hard work, From a small decorative furniture factory, as a solid wood floor to create multi-mainly wood flooring manufacturing base. Completion of the primitive accumulation of enterprises, and had begun to take shape, existing plants occupy more than 80,000 square meters. 2,000 employees, production capacity of 7.2 million square meters per year. And the world's most advanced multi-layer solid wood flooring production equipment, technology. Timber companies are available under the plant substrate factory floor factory.

After years of capital accumulation after Kangda in export-based efforts to build an international group of wood, Hong Tat has now completed the European and American markets. In  China market, after nearly two years of exploration. CHEN Wei-kang, chairman early 2006 Kangda wood solemnly decided to promote domestic focus, "Odlum" brand, The three companies plan to spend time "Odlum" fighting a Chinese brand of solid wood floor to the first multi-brand, China and has set up a marketing center for the wood Kangda brand promotion.

"International quality, excellent products," and "the international service enjoy star "is" Odlum "on the quality and service is the best interpretation of a life, as the quality of products and services for enterprises After a baptism and a vigorous international enterprises. A "best of the world to do wood floors" as a collective, is destined to withstand the test of the market. Enterprises will be a hundred years, 100 years is bound to create a brand.


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